Destiny cosplay costume

We have long noticed that some aliens are clad in heavy armor, but are very agile. It took us a long time to figure out how this works, but now, having studied the aliens' energy sources and materials, we are ready to create our own reinforced armor. 

Project Report

One of our heaviest protective suits is titanium armor. More details about this armor It enhances all of the fighter's movements. The armor motors are powered by an alien element called "elerium". This substance is very rare, so we try to use it as sparingly as possible. The elerium battery also powers the built-in cooling system, which reduces a fighter's fatigue by maintaining optimum body temperature. The same system provides reliable protection against external influences. Compared to aluminum and titanium armor, titanium armor has a more modest place in tank construction, although in the early stages of research it showed tangible advantages over steel anti-tank armor. However, certain technological, economic and other aspects did not allow the advantages of titanium to be achieved in individual armor items. However, this material turned out to be quite effective as an anti-bullet protection, and today it practically has no alternative for protection against steel-core pistol bullets. As in the case of aluminum armor, the prospects for titanium lie in the creation of heterogeneous structures, which can be created not only by HFI hardening, but also by other means.