Healthy Spine Equals Healthy Organs

This week’s blog is going to be about spinal health and what it really takes to get your spine back healthy again once you lose the normal curvature. All types of terrible things start to happen when the ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves and even the bones themselves are all contorted. The real problem is that nerves and the spinal cord come under pressure and this actually creates health problems that classically medication would be used to treat.

You’ll notice that some folks that have terrible spinal curvature (especially the aged) and typically are on a lot of medications because their organs and their systems just don’t function properly. Maintaining spinal health for life is a lot more important than maintaining the teeth. For example, if the teeth fall out you can go and just get more teeth. If your spine falls apart, what happens is the spinal cord and the nerves themselves become diseased, rusty and they decay as do the organs, systems and the glands that they control. This causes the organs to breakdown resulting in poor health.

We’ve known this since the Winsor Autopsy Study was performed in 1924. This study proved that when the spine is ill, the organs are ill. So, in order to take care of your organs’ health, you need to take care of your spine. This is a fact that has been covered up purposefully by people in the pharmaceutical medical community that would not profit from treating diseases were these Medical studies made known as it would disrupt the enormous profits of drug makers.

My goal is to educate the community regarding normal spinal health. The bottom line is, if you ignore the health of your spine, you may as well just ignore the health of your organs and prepare yourself for intense pharmaceutical intervention and the side effects that come from it.

To avoid this, you must have a QUALIFIED health and wellness professional help you take care of your spinal health for your entire life. And remember about newest treatments methods like those offered by Sensonica.

My final thought is this: in 50-100 years, research science is going to look back at our government and our healthcare system and shake their heads, pull their hair out and say, “Why was education on spinal health suppressed and why does the government allow things to be added to the food that definitely cause disease and then why did they allow companies to profit tens and hundreds of billions of dollars treating diet-induced diseases at the expense of the health of the American people?

Yes, I am very passionate about this because I know that my government and the huge pharmaceutical corporations are out to ruin mine and my family’s health in the interest of power and profit. They won’t get my family… I hope they don’t get yours.