How is gambling tourism developing in Russia?

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The boom of junket-tours in our country was in the period from 2009 to 2011, when the law on state regulation of gambling industry was adopted. Officially there were four gambling zones, which tried to attract players from all over the country just with the help of paid tours. However, such centralization of gambling establishments caused a much bigger boom in the tourist sphere - Russian players began to actively practice junket tours to CIS and non-CIS countries.

This is due to the fact that many Russian gambling zones are located very inconveniently: far from big cities and traffic flows. So a trip there can be compared in its complexity to a flight to the moon.

Experts note that many Russians prefer short-term trips (no more than 3-4 days) to visa-free countries, or those where you can combine a casino game and a resort vacation. For example, Belarus - Belaya Vezha, MILLENNIUM, Casino Royal; Kazakhstan - Altyn Alma and Flamingo; Armenia - Pharaoh, SENATOR.  

Junket tourism in Russian gambling zones

Despite the fact that Russia has (according to documents) four gambling zones, only one - Sochi Casino and Resort - is considered to be the most profitable in terms of junket tourism. Over the past 3 years, it has paid more than 3 billion rubles in taxes. Only in 2017, between January and May, tens of thousands of people from 65 countries visited the casino. Many of them came to the territory of "Gorky Gorod" exactly on junket tours from the casino itself or foreign travel companies. The casino players often come from China, Canada, Morocco, Argentina and Western Europe. Invariably, a large pool of players comes from the CIS countries and Eastern Europe, as well as Iran and Israel.

The second such a successful gaming zone can become "Gold Coast" in the Crimea. True, for this purpose it must be built at least.

Experts believe that the next junket-tourism boom will be waiting for us when the pandemic is over and the state borders are opened. With high probability all the resorts and gambling areas of the planet will immediately feel the influx of tourists, hungry for the sea, entertainment, recreation and freedom.

And also for gambling.