What diets are dangerous to health?

A properly chosen diet can help get rid of excess weight and improve physical and moral. But it is necessary to limit your diet with caution. If the diet is chosen incorrect, it will be useless at best. In the worst - seriously offgo health. That is why it is important to know in advance about those methods of weight loss, which harm the body.

Stellic diet

The diet, known as the protein, fermented or the Atkins diet, is to exclude from the diet of carbohydrates. It is associated with the body's property to synthesize glucose from fat stocks during its shortage. But this condition will not bring benefits - this is a serious impairment of metabolism.
Frameless diet is recommended only for certain diseases. For healthy people, its use does not make sense.
Consequences of a protein diet:
Development of kidney dysfunction due to the elimination of a large amount of protein.
The smell of ammonia from mouth, sharp smell of sweat.
Friction in the gastrointestinal tract due to hard food.
Nausea and lethargy.

Degreased diet

This diet involves the failure of lipids. At the same time, those products containing useful fats (olives, walnuts, fish) are often excluded from the diet.
The lack of lipids can quickly harm the body. Long use of this diet leads to severe consequences.
The consequences of a skim diet:
Loss of an important source of vitamins, causing hypovitaminosis.
Hormonal disorders, risk of infertility.
Reliability of hair and nails due to insufficient food nutrition.
Risk growth of vascular diseases, atherosclerosis.


This weight loss method is also called a diet of a single product. There are many options: for example, eating only porridge or only fruits. Weight loss at the same time is associated with loss of fluid, not adipose tissue. But the main minus is still in great harm to health.
Consequences Monodi:
Deterioration of digestion.
Reduced immunity.
Disturbance of the heart due to lack of trace elements.

What diet will be useful?

The main criteria for choosing the right diet:
Lack of psychological discomfort.
The gradualness of the diet, the lack of promises of the lightning weight loss.
Accounting for individual characteristics of a person.
Leaving in the diet of all the necessary organisms of substances.

Do not stand your body a strong stress even during a diet. It must be remembered that a healthy and beautiful body is always the result primarily the right lifestyle, and not just food restrictions. https://london-post.co.uk/how-firefly-aerospace-owner-max-polyakov-sees-the-issue-of-space-debris/