Free browser-based iO Game action WILDS.IO

iO Game - is a multiplayer hack-n-slash action game in which you can play directly from your browser! The game is made in a minimalist style, but it has a lot of "meat" and fun. The author of the game is  ❮re❯zoner , a Polish programmer who writes games in JavaScript \ HTML5.

Players respawn in random arenas, divided into two teams: gray and brown. Next, you fight team by team. The arena also contains bonuses (throwing knives, mines, stamina, first-aid kits, etc.) and neutral enemies, from which you can knock out additional bonuses.

Game controls:

  • wsad buttons - movement
  • left mouse button - attack
  • Click the right mouse button - a kick - Counter-rollback
  • Click the right mouse button - dobavanie - give fatalities bream fallen opponent
  • holding down the right mouse button - running (spends stamina)
  • spacebar - jump over low cliffs, wave attack and somersaults
  • mouse wheel up - forward somersault (allows you to dodge attacks and knocks the enemy down)
  • the mouse wheel upwards also allows you to make a jerk to get ahead of other players
  • mouse wheel down - block (if applied successfully, immediately attack to counter-strike)
  • mouse wheel down - bounce back to carry out your attack
  • enter button   - "show off"
  • right mouse button + wheel up - shock wave (knocks down opponents, and also conducts mining / demining)
  • right mouse button + wheel up - whirlwind (chops off all enemies on the way)
  • buttons 1 2 qe - use of collected bonuses

For left-handers:

  • Arrow Buttons  - Move
  • delete button - healer
  • end button - bottle of acceleration
  • pagedown button - mine
  • ctrl button - jump
  • button numpad0 - throwing dagger

The game is available straight from the browser for free: WILDS.IO

After loading, a window will appear in front of you in which you can drive in your nickname and start playing.

You can also support the developer financially through the Patreon service. After making any donation, the character "Berserker" will open to you.