Silos - an integral part of cement production

Any industrial production requires premises for storing raw materials, materials, finished products, etc. There are no exception and cement plants. Cement warehouses must be equipped with the results of their production in the enterprise.

At the modern enterprise, these premises must be carried out taking into account all the requirements for them, to ensure the safety of the material for a long time. However, such storage conditions ensure quite difficult, it is necessary to create a holistic technological complex equipped with special containers for secure storage of these materials.

The production of cement warehouses is carried out in the form of cylindrical containment capacity, at the bottom of which the cone is equipped for the convenience of unloading, delivery of material for production. In the manufacture of warehouses, only high-quality and durable steel applies. To control the filling of the warehouse, the state of the material in it is equipped with observation hatches. Like other equipment, warehouses require maintenance, for this purpose, metal stairs are provided in their designs, technical sites.

Cement silos are manufactured different tonnage, but the most common designs that allow you to store 30-120 tons of dry cement mixture. The production of silos provides equipping containers with pneumon pumps, safety valves, reliable sensors capable of functioning in an aggressive medium, filtration system. Pneumon pump allows you to pump cement mass into automotive or railway containers. The valve is responsible for accurate determination of the mass of the material. Level sensors allow you to control the residue of cement and the amount of the mixture output.

The process of operation of the complex is fully automated. Thus, all the procedures starting with the filling of bunkers and ending the dispenser's work can be performed and monitored by the operator using an automated system (special console). Therefore, the use of large-scale silo containers with fully automated control of all conductable technical operations, it is possible to significantly reduce the complexity of the work performed with the simultaneous provision of the safety of expensive materials.

Qualitative production of cement warehouses is a fairly responsible process. It should be carried out with all the compliance with all building rules, because the quality of the storage of the cement mixture depends on it.