Tips for passing Assassin's Creed: Unity - Main Missions # 119

Stealth: Lunden (England) - Location of Piscules in Londan, Dialogue options, Duel with Augusta joyful.

In this chapter of the Assassin's Creed leadership, we present the place where you begin to rage, in Londan, one of the regions of England. You will learn the right options for dialogue, thanks to which you will leave the winner of the fight with Augusta Radosna.

The starting point for Piscules is the southwest Angle of Lunden. In place, near one of the buildings, you will find Augustus joyful. Interact with her and make a bet to start a duel rhyme.

Equipment # 1 - Master's Robes

The treasure is located in the western part of the Oxenfordskire region, northeast of the city of Oxneford. Before you can collect it, you need to get a jug with butter.

To do this, enter the houses and head to the west. After a while you should get to the building. The door will be locked, so go to the right where you will find the stairs at which you need to climb.

Start from the gate in front of you, because there is one cross, and then activate the following. When you go through the fifth gates, the puzzle will end, and you will get a lot of experience points.

Now install the camera and find the cracked boards. Shoot them out of the bow to open the passage and climb to a higher level. A wall with bookshelter in the middle will give way to the road, but you will not be able to move it. To fix it, lift the camera slightly and remove the cargo holder.

Thanks to this, the cargo falls to the ground, and you can move the rack forward and then in any direction. Run beyond the bookcase, where you will find a chest with a master's pants.

Each wolf is individual. The crit is the easiest of three, but the fastest of three, while ELD is relatively slow, but has thick armor. The third wolf, niht, is a bridge between them - he has moderate mobility and armor. A good idea is to first focus on weaker enemies - Crown and Nhitte - leaving the most difficult goal at the end.

Try split wolves. Fighting with three beasts is simultaneously difficult, and you need to constantly dodge from attacks and / or parry them. Try to distract one wolf from the rest of the group and make one to one to one - then the fight will be much easier.

Remember the weak places. If you shake into the enemy from Luke, weaknesses will appear on his body. A blow to them will apply an additional damage and chooses an enemy from equilibrium, which will allow you to apply a few additional blows.