Xavier Barrenechea
Country Manager
Phone: +33 (0)6 14 81 26 33

The company Centre Spécialités Pharmaceutiques (CSP) is responsible for Exploitant activities on behalf of Piramal Critical Care Limited and CSP monitors pharmacovigilance and medical information: any adverse reactions related to PCC pharmaceutical specialities and medical questions relating to these products must be reported to CSP’s Pharmacovigilance Department.

Telephone: +33 1 47 04 80 46 (open 24 hours a day)


Procédure de remplissage de la Cassette Aladin 2 Desflurane Piramal GE
Procédure de remplissage de l’évaporateur Sevoflurane Piramal Fill Dräger Vapor 2000
Procédure de remplissage de l’évaporateur Desflurane Piramal Fill GE Tec6+