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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Piramal Critical Care is committed to corporate social responsibility alongside Piramal Group. Our vested interest lies in initiatives that align with our core values of knowledge, action, care and impact. As we embody and strive to enable our mission of saving and improving patients’ lives, we collaborate with various partner organizations and proudly take an active role in providing hope and resources to those in need as well as caring for our global environment.

Our Focus Areas

  • Making a positive difference through our products, services and customer focus
  • Living our values in our everyday actions, decisions and conduct at a personal and corporate level
  • Serving people including our customers, community, employees, partners and stakeholders by putting their needs and well-being first

Our Partnerships & Initiatives

Paws for a Cause

The Center for Animal Health & Welfare was formed in 1913 and is not affiliated with any other SPCA or ASPCA organization. In 2003, it became a valuable no-kill shelter. Employees of Piramal Critical Care donated several boxes of dog and cat food, toys and other supplies, in addition to nearly $500 from our holiday party prize raffles. In addition, we donated two cases of Isoflurane for the veterinarians that donate their surgical services to the center, to assist with its low cost spaying program.

Earth Day

As an annual event for Piramal Critical Care, Earth Day 2017 found us planting two Gingko Biloba Autumn Gold trees at Crawford & Macada North Parks in Hanover Township. We also conducted a recycling effort at the plant for employees to bring in old electronic devices to help keep these items out of landfills.

Toys for Tots

Established in 1947 by the U.S. Marine Corps, “Toys for Tots” sends a message of hope to needy children across the United States and gives them the joy of unwrapping a new toy on Christmas Day. This has been an annual event for PCC Bethlehem since December 2013 and we are proud of the hundreds of toys our employees have donated during these past 10 years.

Second Harvest Food Bank

This has been an annual Fall event for PCC Bethlehem since 2012. Since that time, we have donated more than 4,000 lbs. of nonperishable food items and nearly $4,000 in grocery gift cards, which have helped more than 500 needy families in our local area.

Keystone Warrior Project

For the past three years, our annual holiday parties let employees purchase tickets to play games before sitting down to dinner and we donate the proceeds to a good cause. Recently we donated to the Keystone Warriors project, an Eastern Pennsylvania based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that seeks to honor the daily sacrifices made by the brave men and women in all branches of the United States Military, and specifically those wounded on or after September 11, 2001.

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing (WSCAM)

PCC Bethlehem is very proud to be a part of the program, “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing.” This program introduces middle school students (ages 12 to 14), their parents, and the community to exciting careers in manufacturing and specifically shines a spotlight on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). The event is an annual contest each Fall, where teams of students and their respective teachers receive camera equipment and professional guidance as they learn to script, record, and edit their video stories about their particular local company. For the past 5 years, PCC Bethlehem has partnered with a different local middle school and, in each of those five years, every one of those respective schools has won an award!

Tails of Valor, Paws of Honor

For the past two years, PCC Bethlehem’s employee contributions at the annual holiday party have supported this worthy cause. Tails of Valor, Paws of Honor, is a certified animal-assisted rehabilitation program that allows United States veterans, trainers, and volunteers to work together to train puppies to become service dogs, and they are subsequently named in honor of a fallen soldier. After completing an 18-24 month training period, these fully-trained ADA/TOV guideline service dogs are then paired with a veteran at no cost. Our December 2021 contributions are currently helping to sponsor a training program for “Szever,” a pup named in honor of Stephen Szever, who served as an Army Ranger/Special Forces.

Sixth Street Shelter

Beginning in 2021, PCC Bethlehem began a collaboration with PPS Sellersville and PNS Allentown, to support the initiative of Allentown’s Sixth Street Shelter. The Shelter’s main goal is to curb poverty by providing temporary shelter and basic necessities to homeless families by giving them a “hand up” and not a “hand out.” Throughout the year, employees can donate gently used housewares, educational items/toys, and various seasonal décor to help give these families a fresh start. During the 2021 holiday season, we turned our Christmas trees into “Angel/Giving” trees by adding decorated tags that held simple gift requests from the residents of the Shelter. Our employees stepped up to the plate and fulfilled all the gift requests in record time. Our inter-company collaboration shows true community involvement across borders, across businesses and across town. When we bring together a focused effort, we can make a difference!

Piramal Foundation

Consider it our most prestigious endeavour to develop innovative solutions that help resolve India’s critical issues. We collaborate with partners on the same wavelength, who believe in nurturing projects that are scalable and ensure long-term benefits to all parties, including the society at large. We affirm a considerable positive change and hence invest heavily in transforming health, education, water and social sector ecosystems through high impact solutions, thought leadership and partnerships.